About Us

Who are we?

We specialize in designing, developing and deploying web based products and services for healthcare providers and health care groups.
Some of our clients include large urban hospitals, small rural physician groups, incorporated Emergency Departments. We also provide services that benefit nursing homes and hospices.
Our privately controlled corporation has, over the past several years, developed a variety of products and consulted on health care needs for small and large health care organizations.
Here is a small sample of what we have to offer
  • Scheduling programs (myEschedule)
  • CME programs (CME4you)
  • EHR programs
  • IT and web consulting
  • Medical images for print and web publications

Why we do what we do?

For years, we have watched departments struggle with scheduling problems. The horror stories we head and personal experiences of some of our team members compelled us to seek a better solution.

The initial spark was lit when the physicians at the Emergency department at Douglas Memorial hospital were making the leap into managing their own schedules and payments. The hospital, along with the department chief and a third party scheduling agency, was using a combination of "pen & paper" and a spreadsheet program. There were numerous problems and the physician group knew that they needed a better solution.

Dr Jayawardene, one of the ER physicians, lead the search for an electronic scheduler. After look at several existing scheduling softwares and onLine calendars (such as yahoo and google calendars), he realized that none of these solutions provided a simple, secure and stable platform for scheduling. Furthermore, customization was going to be very expensive.

It was at that point, that Jmedical informatics was consulted to develop a software product with the following specifications:
  • Simple for computer novices to use as well as computer experts
  • Stable to ensure that users have reliable access to the data
  • Secure so that date is safe at all times
  • Customizable to allow a variety of diverse departments
  • Improvement over existing methods so that departments will want to use this product
  • Scalable such that new users and functions can be easily added
The original product was myERschedule. Since then, there have been numerous updates and tweaks to make it more user friendly and secure. All this was done at no extra cost to the departments.

We also realized that we need another software package for very large groups . . . this lead to the development of myHOSPITALschedule. Not only would this software handle large groups but also allow multiple managers to control and share information.
As we gained more and more customers, we formed a task force to streamline future innovations. Our latest venture is myEschedule. This software is designed to take the best of both myERschedule and myHOSPITALschedule and add a few extra new and innovative features.

If you want more information on our story, please contact us.

Some Scheduling horror stories

  • "double bookings"
  • "no shows"
  • "scheduling an employee when he/she is physically unable to work"
  • "two employees scheduled for the same shift"
  • "a similarly named employee was scheduled in a another department simply because of the name"
  • "Scheduled changed at the last minute but not update on the master schedule . . so, two employees showed up for the same shift"
If you have any horror stories that you wish to share with us, please contact us


We relie on individuals with a wide variety of experiences and expertise to help develop our innovative products. These individuals are both in house and external consultants.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to making this company, our products & services great. Listed below is the names of some of these individuals

A few of our Major contributors

  • Nishan J
  • Chamari B
  • Upali W
  • Mary C
  • Mary K
  • John J
  • Caroline B
  • Mark F
  • Loraine S
  • Tyronne M
  • Rukshan J

Individuals, who through their requests and feedback, have helped/contributed to the development or enhancing of features

  • Derek R
  • Carol H
  • Maynard L
  • Katherine S
  • Naushad H
  • David J
  • Paul F
  • Rafi S
  • John N
  • Martha K
  • David S
  • Darrin H
  • John C